HISC® High Intensity Separation Conveyor® Testimonials

HISC® High Intensity Separation Conveyor® Customer Testimonials


HISC“In the business of metal recycling, our profitability depends on the volume of recovered product and purity of that product. Bunting Magnetics’ High Intensity Separation Conveyor and its unmatched reliability to get stainless steel out of our mid-sized fraction ensures we get the purity needed to sell to our domestic smelters.”

–  Kevin Gershow / Gershow Recycling / Medford, NY







“I have operated a shredding facility for 8 years and I have seen many products. There isn’t anything else out there that will do what this High Intensity Separation Conveyor will do. Bunting Magnetics Co. has built something that no one else in the industry has. With this HISC we are able to successfully separate Stainless Steel from our shredded wire. We estimate a payback ROI period of less than 1 year. Bunting Magnetics Co. has been fantastic to work with. I have received excellent customer support and have been very pleased that Bunting came to visit our facility in person. Bunting has been very honest about the abilities of the magnet, and it has produced better results than they claimed. Currently we are removing about 300lbs of Stainless Steel from our shredded wire daily.”

–  Pat Dooley / Pacific Steel & Recycling / Boise, ID



The HISC has done everything that Bunting Magnetics said it would do! It has been very helpful in purifying my chopped copper wire material. I’m extremely pleased with the performance of the HISC.”

–  Chris Reeves / Copper State Metals / Phoenix, AZ



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