Neodymium Magnets Help Comic Book Fans Level Up Their Cosplays-Bunting Magnetics-BuyMagnets

Neodymium Magnets Help Comic Book Fans “Level Up” Their Cosplays

  Most people associate the month of July with running outside to soak up the sun and splash in the pool. For some people, however, July is a month where they can’t wait to get indoors—into the doors of massive  Continue Reading »

Custom-Designed Permanent Crossbelt Separator Helps Pave the Way-Bunting Magnetics

The Bunting Custom-Designed Permanent Crossbelt Separator Helps Pave the Way

  As summer rolls around the corner, it’s important for thousands of families to make sure their vacation to Disney World goes off without a hitch. Junction City Mining helps make sure the road to their destination is smooth, supplying  Continue Reading »

Cabinet Magnets for Your Home and Elsewhere-BuyMagnets-Bunting Magnetics-Magnetic Door Latches

Cabinet Magnets for Home Improvements

Cabinet magnets and magnetic door latches provide simple, inexpensive updates for your home and recreational vehicles. As summer rolls around, the warm temperatures and longer days provide a great opportunity to pursue DIY home renovation projects. A lot of projects  Continue Reading »

Magnetic Separation Equipment Assists in Disaster Recovery-Bunting Magnetics Co-Newton KS

Magnetic Separation Equipment Assists in Disaster Recovery

After severe weather and natural disasters strike, magnetic separation equipment from Bunting Magnetics can help clean up communities and recycle debris. As temperatures begin to heat up in May and June, many Americans start their summer not with joy, but  Continue Reading »

baking--What Magnetic Separators Should You Use for Dry Bulk Rates-Bunting Magnetics-Newton-Kansas

What Magnetic Separators Should You Use for Dry Bulk Rates?

After taking a bite of fresh chocolate cake, the last thing you want is a mouthful of metal. When tramp metals and contaminants find their way into food products, it’s a disaster for everyone involved. This can result in product  Continue Reading »

Three Risks to Magnet Effectiveness Food Processors Cannot Ignore-magnetic separation-metal detection-pull test kits-Bunting Magnetics Co-Newton KS

3 Risks to Magnet Effectivness Food Processors Cannot Ignore

A third-party auditor just showed up at your food processing facility. How confident are you in the performance of your magnetic separation equipment? Are the magnets at your critical control points still performing at full strength and how would you  Continue Reading »

How to Select a Magnetic Can for Your Food Manufacturing Ops.

How to Select a Magnetic Can Conveyor for Your Food Manufacturing Operations

Bunting Magnetic Can Conveyors Offer Innovative Solutions for the Food Industry  Magnetic can conveyors have been a core element of food manufacturing operations — elevating cans to all floors and operations of a plant — for decades. Though the function  Continue Reading »

family-eating-Metal Detection Protects Food and Families-Bunting Magnetics-Magnetic Separation-Newton, KS

Metal Detection Protects Food and Families

You just sat down to enjoy your Saturday breakfast – hot coffee, orange juice, toast, hash browns, sausage, and an egg-white omelet. Everything seems perfect until you take a bite of sausage. Something doesn’t seem right. Instead of a burst  Continue Reading »

CR-MLT and Citrus-Magnetic Liquid Traps Keep Orange Juice Safe-Magnetic Liquid Traps-Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KS

Magnetic Liquid Traps Keep Orange Juice Safe

Citrus juice producers around the world are finding a better way of keeping orange juice free from harmful metal contaminants. In the last 18 months, Bunting Magnetics Co. has manufactured and sold 15 of our magnetic liquid traps to citrus  Continue Reading »

Why is Magnetic Separation Important-Bunting Magnetics-Newton, KS

Why Is Magnetic Separation Important?

  What makes food safe to eat? How are recycling companies actually able to “recycle”? How are grains kept pure? How is processing equipment protected from damaging metals? How are millions of products kept safe for consumers all over the  Continue Reading »


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