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Spare Parts


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When you need spare parts, the last thing you have is spare time.

spare-parts Downtime is the enemy of efficiency. When you’re in the middle of processing, recycling, conveying or separating, the last thing you need is to wait on a spare part. Especially when your techs can install it and get your equipment up and running quickly. From belts to bushings, clamps to cables, grommets and gaskets, motors and reducers and everything in between, Bunting® recommends keeping spare parts, especially those critical to your production, on hand and ready when you need them.


Keeping spare parts on hand helps you:

•     Avoid costly downtime
•     Meet production deadlines
•     Keep your equipment running at peak efficiency
•     Rest easy knowing that you’re using Bunting® Magnetics authorized parts


Think of it as an insurance policy against downtime.

Spare part spare-parts

What you need to know:

•     We can provide a quick quote for a part you need immediately.
•     We can provide a quote for necessary spare parts at time of equipment order so you’re ready when you need to be.
•     We can offer short delivery times and express delivery for in-stock parts.
•     We can support older Bunting® Magnetics equipment.


For more information on our spare parts, a current spare parts list for your equipment, a spare parts quote or technical information, contact our Bunting® Spare Parts department: or 800-835-2526 or 316-284-2020 ext. 4145