Construction Specifications & Standards

Customizable Products

Bunting® Magnetic Separation Products are made to specific guidelines. Below you will see the magnetic options as well as other specifications that allows each product to be customized for your application needs. Below you will also see the construction grades that we are able to manufacture the product for. Choose from Utility Grade, Food Grade, or Sanitary Grade.


Construction Specifications:

General Materials:

10-12 ga. mild steel standard where applicable, 11-13 ga. 302/304 stainless steel for rare earth magnets, magnet contact areas, and special products. Optional 316 stainless steel where required or upon request.

Magnetic Materials:

Ceramic and neodymium NdFeB (rare earth) magnetic materials in various grades are standard. Other magnetic materials available upon request or for special applications.


All seam welded or full seam welded utility grade standard on most models. Liquid tight, food grade, powder grade, sanitary 3-A, and USDA optional finishes available.

Contaminant Removal:

Ferrous fragments, nuts, bolts and other tramp metal. All sizes of ferrous metals including fines and 400 series and work hardened stainless steel with neodymium (rare earth) magnets.

Cleaning Methods:

Manual cleaning is standard on most models. Self-cleaning, pneumatic self-cleaning, and continuous self cleaning available based on product required and application parameters.


Adaptors and transitions with same specifications as construction above to fit all line sizes whether piping, ductwork, chutes, or other.


Construction Grades:

Utility Grade (BMC 50 Spec)

Separation equipment made to our utility grade specs is recommended for use in application where products are inert and typically not intended for human consumption. Utility grade equipment is used primarily for handling granular or pelletized materials without concern for product retention.

Food Grade (BMC 200 Spec)

Food grade construction is designed for applications where products for human or animal consumption are handled as an ingredient in a finished product. Construction criteria assume that the product will undergo a finishing process that will eliminate the potential for bacterial contamination. Equipment features FDA-compliant Metal-Detectable Gaskets & Grommets. Stainless steel is the primary material. All mating panels are formed or welded into one continuous surface.

Sanitary Grade (BMC 300 Spec)

Sanitary grade units are made to be used where products destined for human or animal consumption are handled in final form. This grade follows many of the guidelines set by the USDA-3A standard for sanitary fabrication. These separators feature FDA-compliant Metal-Detectable Gaskets & Grommets and special interior and exterior finishes, including optional electro-polishing. Bunting was the FIRST to have special sanitary grade models earn the USDA, AMS-Acceptance. They meet or exceed the USDA, AMS criteria as published in the NSF/ANSI/3-A 14159-1 2002 specifications and bear the USDA, AMS Meat and Poultry Accepted Equipment Logo.

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