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Why FF Drawer Magnets are Essential for the Plastics Industry                       How to Properly Size Your Choke Feed Metal Detector



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3 Types of Metal Found in Plastics Recycling


Metal is a major cause of equipment damage, production downtime and poor end product quality.  So what types of metal can be found?
1. Fine metal shards and even dust
2. Nuts, Bolts and Screws
3. A Spanner
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Why Install a Magnetic Separator

Ed-Plate Magnet

Often, when faced with a metal separation problem, the immediate reaction is to turn to a Metal Detector.  The Metal Detector is an electronic system that detects and, on certain models, then automatically rejects metal.  The Magnet or Magnetic Separator is often overlooked. Read more…






Why Can’t the Bolt Be Pulled Off The Magnet

ED-Bolt and Plate MagnetAt the Plastic Recycling Expo (PRE) in Telford, UK on June 16th and 17th, visitors to the Bunting Magnetics stand were challenged to pull a steel nut off the surface of a Plate Magnet.  Whilst surprising to the challengers, it was not a surprise to Bunting that nobody was able to pull the nut off.  But why? Read more…







How Bunting Makes a Better Burger

On a hot summer evening, there’s nothing like a cold beer and a burger fresh off the grill.  So how does Bunting Magnetics Co. improve what is already a great concept?  Everyone knows about basic food safety—keeping the hamburger cool until the grill is hot and cooking to a minimum internal temperature. But food safety is a concern far earlier in the process—or it certainly should be.
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