Lean Deployment Leader 

Date Posted: 01/10/18
Position Location: Newton, KS


Job Description:

This position leads and designs Lean Manufacturing goals and strategies for improving the operations and processes within the organization. Manages all activities for continuous improvement and performance enhancement.


Duties and Responsibilities:

• Establish a common methodology for implementing lean principles across the business.

• Ensure effective use of material, equipment and personnel in producing high quality products at minimum cost.

• Present, facilitate and lead assigned process improvement projects.

• Continuous elimination of the 8 forms of waste in the supply chain.

• Coordinate with related departments and functions to assure appropriate information flow and understanding of overall process improvement direction.

• Continuous increase of productivity and efficiency in organization.

• Coaching and training of all employees for lean principles through all organizations.

• Establish system that puts in place an ability to measure cost saving through direct savings of time, increased quality, requiring less floor space and increased customer satisfaction.

• Assist in capital budget development and request.

• Develop schedule to complete projects.

• Willing to travel outside the U.S. seminars pertinent to gaining knowledge of various industries where the product is used.


Education and/or Work Experience Requirements:

• B.S. in Manufacturing/Industrial Technology, Business Administration, or Manufacturing Engineering

• 5+ years’ Manufacturing Experience required.

• 5+ years Lean Deployment Experience

• Proven Leadership Skills

• Excellent Communication Skills

• Job Shop experience preferred, but not required.


To apply, please download and complete our employment application and then send with resume and professional references to Human Resources.


Bunting Magnetics Co. reserves the right to disqualify employees with less than (6) months tenure in their present position. EOE

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